Sophia Gonzalez

Had a brief careerwith jack-in-the-boxes in Phoenix, AZ. Spent several months managing squirt guns and implementing toy elephants.


Ocean breezes rustle palm trees along the harborfront, while in the cool, mist-shrouded Koʻolau Range, forested hiking trails offer postcard city views. At sunset, cool off with an amble around Magic Island or splash in the ocean at Ala Moana Beach.


With multicoloured cliffs soaring above a sea-drowned caldera, Santorini looks like a giant slab of layered cake. The main island of Thira will take your breath away with its snow-drift of white Cycladic houses lining the cliff tops and, in places, spilling like icy cornices down the terraced rock.


Wandered the cobblestone streets and quaint lanes of the town, which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. A walking tour revealed historic architecture, colonial landmarks and alluring shops and restaurants.

The Best Business Travel Apps

To make business travel easier, there are apps for spending tracking, hotel assistance, airport directions. Most smartphone owners can benefit from the numerous business travel apps because they are available for both iOS and Android.

Apps for business travel, such as Google Translate, can promote better communication when you're away on work or you can use network like Adva Optical Networking. This post is for seasoned business travelers who wish to maintain efficiency while on the road.

Installing particular smartphone apps can make travel less stressful, even when business travel might be demanding. Whether you're a few towns away from home or halfway around the world, a great business travel app can make your trip pleasurable and productive.

To assist business travelers in traveling smoothly while completing work and managing deadlines, we've put together a list of top travel applications.

A corporate travel app is what?

A business travel app is a smartphone application that, among other things, can make traveling for work easier by keeping track of your spending and booking accommodations. By organizing work and travel schedules, the ideal set of business travel applications can reduce stress associated with it.

The top business travel applications

Each software is available for both iOS and Android and can assist with a variety of business travel demands.

Jetzy is the best for social outings.

The result of the union of a travel app and a social media platform is Jetzy. It matches visitors with experiences that match their tastes using location-based services and a social ecosystem.

You can connect with other travelers using Jetzy's chat feature to find reviews and suggestions. This app will help you "travel like a local" whether you're looking for the ideal dinner or something to do while you're in town.

SAP Concur offers the best expenditure tracking.

An good expense tracker with a variety of options for handling invoices and business expenses is SAP Concur.

Utilize SAP Concur while on a business trip to email information for expense reports and reimbursements, take pictures of receipts, and file them at your office. Using this platform, you can also design a simple approval and processing pipeline for your own company.

DocuSign is the best for electronic signatures.

DocuSign enables you to sign contracts and other necessary papers while you're out and about.

DocuSign enables you to create and sign legally binding documents from your smartphone or tablet. Because the software encrypts documents, you can be sure that these private contracts are secure.

Send the signed paper to staff for inspection and approval to complete the procedure electronically.

BEST FLIO airport guide

When you're in a big or unfamiliar airport, FLIO can provide you thorough directions to help you make it to your flight on time. It provides details on countless airports, including interactive maps showing gates, baggage claims, lounges, restaurants, and stores as well as the best routes to take to get there (via bus, taxi or train).

Through FLIO, you may also reserve parking or lounge access and get information on the status of your trip.